Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Movie Night

A few weeks ago, we decided to start a Family Movie Night at our house. So, on Fridays, either Scott or I hit Blockbuster and pick up a movie we'd all like to see.

So far, we've seen Bolt, Bedtime Stories and, last night, Night at the Museum.

Since I started counting points, we've had two Family Movie Nights. The first one, last Friday, I did great. Only ate about 1/2 dozen chips or so, which amounts to about 3 or 4 points. Not bad.

Last night, I made the mistake of making salsa (fresh) and onion soup dip. Now, to my credit, the salsa was zero points. Unfortunately, the chips weren't. So, about a dozen of those - 6 points. That would have been fine, but then I decided to tuck into the regular chips and onion dip. The onion dip was fat free (made with fat free sour cream), the chips, well...not. So the movie night cost me about 10 points - YIKES!!!

Normally, I try not to use the extra flexible points (35 per week), but this week, I'm glad I have 'em!!!

Today has been pretty good, though we did have home made donuts for breakfast. I ate four (one point each). Before that, I did hit the gym and actually ran the last 2 minutes of my treadmill time, so go me!

I did manage to get to the gym every day this week, so all in all it was a good week.

Oh! And that activity points thing? I figured it out. I'd have to run flat out like a crazy person to get four more per day. The way I walk/run is considered light to moderate and would net me one to two more points per yeah...not gonna worry about that!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hmmm...So I tallied up the points for yesterday...

...and the results were NOT so good! 36 points...that's 12 over my daily allotment - YIKES!

Now, the good news is, I do get 35 "mess around" points as a bonus each week, but I really don't like to use those if I can help it. There's activity points too, but I never use those...can't really figure them out anyway, so it's no big deal.

In other good news, I upped my treadmill time from 25 minutes to 30 minutes. Yesterday I did 12 minutes @ 3% incline and 18 @ 2% and today I did 15 minutes @ 3% and 15 @ 2%. So, we're getting up there.

Last year at this time, I was running on the treadmill and that's where I want to be again. I could run the length of "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" (by Meatloaf). If you know the song, that's a pretty big deal!!!

Today the point count is MUCH better as lunch was only 2 points (the salad dressing on the mixed green/arugula/tomato salad I had). I love, love, LOVE that most veggies are FREE!!! No points = a GOOD thing!!!

So I started counting points again...

I'm one of those stubborn people who refuses to join Weight Watchers because there is SO much free information available out there, that it doesn't make sense to me.

But then...there's that whole accountability thing. If you have to weigh in every week, you have to make sure you count your points and stick to the plan.

My husband is GREAT about asking how many points I've had today (for now, I'm allowed 24), but (and no offense here), he's my husband. He'll love me no matter what.

I've thought about losing weight for him...or losing weight for the kids...but it boils down to wanting to do it for myself. If you're going to do it for somebody else, you shouldn't be doing it. You have to own it and you have to want to do it for you.

I've done it before...and post baby got down to 147 lbs. It's unrealistic to try and "weigh what I did in High School" because really...after 3 kids your body changes and some things just aren't possible!

So this, the world wide web, along with anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog and wants to keep track of my progress, will be my accountability.

I started back to the gym (we have facilities downstairs in our condo building) and have been doing that daily for almost two weeks. I'm already starting to see a difference.

Last week, my husband was out of town for two days and when he came home and hugged me, he even said it felt like there was less of me and at that point, I'd been counting points and going to the gym for only 3 days! So...I know it works!

Look here to keep tabs on how I'm might even find the occasional recipe as a treat!