Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's your "magic number"?

You know the one...where you tell yourself, "As long as I don't weigh XXX, then it's OK". That one...the one when you go over it, you tell yourself, "Well, I'm only over by X pounds, so it's not bad".

Do you have one? I do. I hit it the other day and rather than telling myself that it was OK because I wasn't over it yet, I said, "ENOUGH!" I don't want to be tired anymore. I don't want to feel winded just because I spent half an hour chasing a ball around with my kids. I don't want to wake up with sore hips because I couldn't sleep in a proper position due to my weight. I don't want to come up on another birthday and be unhealthy.

I don't have any delusional thoughts about getting down to my "wedding weight" because that is just unrealistic. I've had three kids, let's not kid ourselves.

I do want to lose the weight I've put on and I want to be a healthier, happier me. There is heart disease and diabetes in the family and I most certainly do not want to be affected by that.

Wishing you a healthy tomorrow!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Not quite a year, but close enough...

As I was posting last year, it was a mere 2 days till my 40th birthday - which by the way doesn't freak me out nearly as much as it did last year...especially since I'm coming up on 41 in a couple of months.

Things have not gotten (is that even a word?) any better, but have become worse. I am now at my heaviest (not counting baby weight) and I am not a happy person. I'm not sleeping as well as I could and there are aching body parts that shouldn't be aching for at least another 20 years or so.

My wonderful hubby was kind enough to buy a Wii for Christmas and the following week we purchased a Wii Fit Plus board and game. I went like crazy for about a week or so and then stopped...picked it up again and then stopped. It's been at least a month. And, while I have been drinking my water (the only good thing I've been doing), I haven't done much else.

I've been eating the same (full of fat) snacks that the rest of the family eats on Family Movie Night, I've not been watching my portion sizes and I certainly have not been getting any kind of regular exercise. Over the weekend, we were at the IL's and I spent time walking around the block with my youngest DS as he rode the scooter. It's insane to think that I was getting winded doing just that. I am very much out of shape. The good news is that I did sleep well last night and I credit the (minimal) exercise.

Today, I began the tedious task of counting the number of WW points I eat and doing my best to limit my carb intake. So far so good. I'm not sure what the point allowance is for my new weight, but I'm going with what I was using before. Worst case scenario, I drop a little faster at the outset and that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Tonight, I'm going to eat some steamed chicken and spinach while the family enjoys Chicken Carbonara. Then, I'm going to hop on the Wii Fit and get some exercise in.

Wishing you a healthy tomorrow!